Whether it’s for a job, a better quality of life, or to follow his/her partner, there are many reasons why people decide to go to live abroad. However, some countries are more successful than others…

  • Spain. Its climate is particularly appreciated, especially on the Costa del Sol where many expats have decided to buy a luxury villa in Sotogrande. Comfort, quality of education system and safety are the main reasons why families are interested in luxury properties for sale in Sotogrande. Many parents also like the leisure activities available in the area.

  • New Zealand. For many expats the leisure options offered in New Zealand are exceptional. The friendly atmosphere and relaxed local culture make foreign residents feel very comfortable.

  • Malta. According to expats, Malta is the best destination to work abroad. Job satisfaction is very high, and foreigners in general are satisfied with their career prospects and their balance between work and family life.