Feel like the vacations are getting a little too repetitive, maybe been to the same place too many times or the same type of place. If so, bringing a little spontenaity and European flair may be in the cards. Here are some great locations on the Iberian peninsula to spice up your romantic getaway.

Malaga- City In Andalusia with settings from dense urban areas, to beautiful little beaches. Taking a romantic break in tourist apartments near mijas beach is a great way to get some resort action in. Take a tour of Pablo Picasso´s hometown, sight see and have great fish on nights out. For that matter, booking a tourist apartment for couples in all of costa del sol yields quality time with your partner and easy access to the city.

Palma de Mallorca- One of the bigger islands, Palma is a great city to make a week of relaxing. Since Palma is on the island of Mallorca(Meaning bigger island) there are beaches everywhere! Relax on a different beach everyday if you so choose.

San Sebastián: Maybe you are not completely yearning for the sun. San Sebastián is a great option for those wanting to explore the Spanish culture in a more temperate climate. It also is close to Parque natural de Pagoeta which is great for a hike and picnic.! Sebastián is also very close to France, making day trips a breeze.