Tenerife's coast

Guided sightseeing in Gran Canaria is something not many people do in order to celebrate important birthdays like 40 or 50. For this, there are important dates in order to make something distinct and unique happen. The island of Gran Canaria is much more than sun and the beach. There are amazing nature formations, towns with a lot of charm, and geographic marvels that any traveler passing through cannot miss. There´s much more to Maspalomas beach than tanning. It has unique natural spaces and small groups of authentic locals.

Of course enjoying the dunes of Maspalomas is almost a sacred tradition. They symbolize and embody the island. Imagine you and your friends celebrating in a paradise-like location such as this.

You cannot fully-understand the Canary islands without the rocks. The rocky elevations steeply form to be as high as sea level. They are the fruit of erosion and form striking figures that are surprising to those who look upon them. Within the guided excursions in Gran Canaria, you will be able to enjoy the magnificent rocks of Nublo that are placed 1.813 meters above sea level. El Puerto Mogán is a holiday resort with its own peculiar design, has very charming beaches, and is one of the best visits. Take advantage of the view from the balcony and do not forget to enjoy its people and cuisine!